Oktoberfest 2017

Sinetech held its annual Oktoberfest on Thursday 19 October 2017 where food, laughter and beer flowed long into the night.

The function was used as the launch-pad for several new ventures and announcements, such as publicising Sinetech’s highly sought-after acquisition of the AEG Solar agency in the SADC region, and to introduce the panels and IMM technology to our dealers. To that effect, AEG Solar CEO Stuart Brannigan was our guest for several days and delivered a highly entertaining presentation to the guests on the evening.

The Annual Sinetech Oktoberfest - Johannesburg South Africa

The beer fest also served as a vehicle for the official launch of the new Sinetech logo and of OmniTech, the services and engineering division of Sinetech. In addition, certificates were awarded to the first Gold and Silver Partners to qualify for Sinetech’s Partner Programme, which rewards loyalty among dealers and distributors and offers unparalleled access to new business opportunities.