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From sophisticated backup systems to corporate, residential and rural solar installations, Sinetech turns to its services division, Omnitech, to build and install world-class systems using products of renown and excellence from Sinetech's own stockholdings. View previous projects below or click here to visit the OmniTech website.

Office Park, Centurion

38 kWp Three Phase Grid-Tie PV Solar System

Phase one consists of 38kW three phase SMA grid-tie system (25 kW STP, 8 kW STP and 5 kW STP) with advanced feedback control and online monitoring. The next phases will consist of approximately 70 kWp in order to supply between 40% and 60% of the office park’s entire power requirements.

Sinetech Solar Carport

12kW Three-Phase PV Solar System (total output 11.52kW/p)

Sinetech has built its own energy-emitting 4-berth carport that provides shade and protection from the elements while generating 11.52kW/p of power per day thanks to the PV solar system on its corrugated iron roof. For more information and to watch a video documenting the construction of the carport, click here...

Sinetech Rooftop Solar PV Panel and Weather Reference Station

3 x 3kW Single Phase PV Solar System (total output 9kW/p)

Sinetech has installed three independent solar systems – one based on polycrystalline panels, one on monocrystalline and the third on CIS or thin-film panel technology, each with a 3KW/p output. The data generated from the weather station is an integral part of the entire PV system. All power and data cables terminate in Sinetech’s sophisticated data centre for power distribution and data processing. This data is used for establishing the maximum yield in Sinetech’s solar system designs and is also used for training purposes. Read more...

Private Residence

8kW Three Phase PV Solar System

8kVA three phase Steca grid-tie inverter and two of the phases are equipped with 2 x 4kW bi-directional Studer inverters. Third phase left raw. Set of 24 x 2V cells / 1200Ah Hoppecke batteries.

FNB Stadium (Soccer City) Johannesburg

36kW 3-Phase Inverter Backup System

After evaluating the requirements of this project, it was obvious that, due to the long backup and absolute reliability required, a Studer inverter backup system was needed. The system consists of 6 x 6KW Studer solid state bi-directional sinewave inverter systems which can produce 36KW in a three phase configuration. The system can provide reliable power for long periods during mains failure.

BRT Bus Rapid Transport System, Johannesburg

9kW Single-Phase Inverter Backup System

Due to space restraints, reliability and long backup requirements, an Outback inverter system was installed. The system consists of 3 x 3KW Outback solid state bi-directional sinewave inverters, a large battery set and a control system providing abolutely reliable power to each bus station for long periods when their is no mains present.

SANRAL, Traffic Control System, Johannesburg

11kVA UPS Systems and 2.1kW Inverter Backup System

Over 20 vehicles have been equipped with a 11KVA UPS system and a 2.1KW Studer Inverter system to provide absolutely reliable power during test periods and data recovery periods. This system also has a backup generator.

Hybrid Solar Backup System, Johannesburg

This hybrid solar system was specially designed to cater for the customer's requirements. The system consists of a self contained solar system connected to a large battery bank where power is provided via a Studer inverter system. The system also includes a full double conversion online UPS system and a 60KVA full enclosed, automatic start, diesel generator. The power system for this building was designed so that power will always be available regardless of the most difficult power situation.

Mining House, Johannesburg

Solar System

This PV Solar system was installed on the flat roof of a commercial building using the Sun-Tub mounting system which means that no holes had to be drilled into the roof thus ensuring no water problems on the roof. (limited pictures due to customer security restrictions)

Jesuit Refugee Camp, Computer Education Centre, Malawi

PV Solar system at the Computer Education Centre at this Refugee Camp in Malawi.