Hybrid PV Solar Kits

Cut your electrical bill. Be in control during power failures. Sinetech’s Hybrid Solar/Backup Power System Kits are the ultimate facility for generating solar power, either connected to the grid or off-the-grid, and ensuring 100% automatic backup power during power failures. You choose when you want to use solar energy, when you want to draw from your battery bank, and when you want to get electricity from the grid. We also offer a range of off-grid solar kits:

KIT: 5kW Hybrid : Goodwe ES and PylonTech Lithium Ion

System Includes:

  • Goodwe 5kW Single-Phase Hybrid Inverter with built-in charge controller
  • Tier 1 Class A PV Solar Panels
  • Pylontech lithium-Ion battery bank
  • Battery Cabinet
  • Fuses, fuse holders, cables
  • Excludes mounting structure and installation. Site dependent.

Sample Load:
Fridge, Microwave, Computers, TVs, DStv, Router, Lights, Alarm System and more

Model:Solar Panel Type:Solar Array (kW Peak)Battery Capacity
GW-A5-5ES-230W-21kWhCIGS Thin Film6.4kWp21kWh
GW-A6-5ES-230W-10.5kWhCIGS Thin Film3.2kWp10.5kWh
GW-A7-5ES-350W-21kWhCIGS Thin Film5.6kWp21kWh
GW-A8-5ES-350W-10.5kWhCIGS Thin Film2.8kWp10.5kWh
KIT: TBB REGO M II RV Power Solution

Perfect system solution for caravans, motorhomes and more

  • Complete on board power solution, integrating multiplex system
  • Built-in MPPT to optimize the photovoltaic output by eliminating fluctuation of sunlight irradiation
  • High quality inverter-charger to power microwave and residential fridge
  • Multiple energy sources from Grid / Generator / Alternator / Solar
  • Lithium battery is available
  • Flexible system configuration by expandable modules
  • Fully programmable