COVID-19 LOCKDOWN : 27 March to 16 April 2020

As you are no doubt aware, as of 27th March we will all be in lockdown until the 16th April and thus Sinetech will be closed in accordance with the regulations communicated by our President.

Whilst this is more than a little inconvenient, we support these measures to curb the spread of this virus which we know could result in many fatalities. Beyond the health benefits that this action will bring, we are forever optimistic and always look at the upside. The negatives we all know very well from international news media and from this we can learn and see this as an opportunity to showcase the spirit of South Africa.

The early adoption of the lockdown policy can mitigate the loss of many lives but also ensure that COVID has a shorter lifespan in our communities. If all South Africans adhere to the lockdown and act with discipline and care, we can show the world that we are a formidable force to be reckoned with in the face of any challenge. The post-COVID scenario will be a very difficult set of circumstances economically with many business closures and subsequently job losses globally.

By defeating the virus quicker and with fewer casualties than other countries we will be able to get back to work sooner and that may very well be appealing to international investors who see good, reliable value in South Africa. Despite our very checquered previous decade, a win now for our government and our people could be very significant for our economic outlook going forward.

Whilst our online store will still be fully operational, clearly we will not be able to despatch any goods during this period. We will however have additional resources in place when we re-open in mid-April to deliver the back-orders as quickly as possible.

I ask you to join us in enduring the next few weeks where we can all catch our breath, hopefully non-contaminated, and appreciate what is really important in our lives. God knows our planet will enjoy the break and we should appreciate that this is our small way of giving back.

Thank You and Regards,

Chris Rodgers