Motor / Variable Speed Drive Inverters

Click here to read more on how to select an inverter. Before choosing an Inverter for your needs, we recommend you read this page and note the definitions explained. This will help you understand why certain Inverters cost more and others less. These definitions can apply to all makes of Inverters whether they are supplied by us or not.

SunTech Drive PicoCell 2000, PicoCell 3500 and PicoBlender 2500

The SunTech Drive PicoCell 2000, PicoCell 3500 and PicoBlender 2500 are a single / three-phase inverters and variable speed drives (VSD) that can convert any new or existing AC motor to off-grid solar power. Operators can also choose to use solar power during the day and grid power at night if desired (PicoBlender). The PicoCell 2000 can be purchased on its own or as part of a complete off-grid PV solar kit.


  • Pool Pumping
  • Air Compressors
  • Residential and Agricultural Irrigation
  • Lake, Fountain, Dam, Pond Aeration
  • Water Heating and Recirculation
  • Residential and Rural Water Supply
  • Chemical Remediation
  • Livestock Cooling (fans)
  • Livestock watering

Pump – Cool – Reticulate – Aerate. Take your electric motors off-grid and save thousands of rands.




SunTech Drive PicoCell and PicoBlender

Off-Grid Solar Pumping

VSD Inverter