Solar Panel Mounting Structures

Sinetech stocks PV solar panel mounting systems for all types of structures. All components for different types of roofs have been tested by South African roof manufacturers and approved as compliant with the roof warranties and guaranties. This applies to PV Solar Installation on existing roof as well as new roofs. You are also welcome to discuss your particular needs with your Sinetech technical sales representative.

Roof Mounting (including Flat concrete roof, IBR Metal Roof, Klip Lock Roof, Curved Roof, Curved Asbestos Roof, Saw Tooth Roof), Ground Applications, Solar Carports, Quarry Applications, Landfill Applications, Tank, Cistern, Silo & Facade Applications


  • Mounting structure solutions for all type of roofs
  • Easy and quick installation
  • High Quality of the material
  • Standard solutions for all site specifics


  • Aluminium Structure (Alloy6063) – long lifespan
  • Aluminium brackets where panels are fixed
  • Stainless Steel Fixing components
  • Easy mechanical assembling
  • Structurally Engineering compliant
  • Flexible design for better PV Solar performance