How to build a Solar Carport

Sinetech has built its own energy-emitting 4-berth carport that provides shade and protection from the elements while generating 11.52kW/p of power per day thanks to the PV solar system on its corrugated iron roof.

The massive structure was designed by an architect, using Sinetech’s initial conceptions and calculations, as it had to have the capacity to bear the weight of the solar system, while providing sufficient roof area (72m2) to accommodate all the solar panels in the PV array. Roof pitch and location were also important factors in the planning of this structure, to get the most out of the solar system.

Sinetech has used a 12kW SMA inverter and 36 x 320W (11 520kW in total) polycrystalline panels from SolarWorld to create a system that provides the office block with an impressive 70kWh of power PER DAY.

Perhaps you’ve investigated solar in the past and been informed that your current roof area is too sparse for the size system your household requires; or maybe you already have a structure in place that is simply taking up valuable real-estate when it could be paying the bills.

To find out whether a solar carport is right for you, contact [email protected] or call 011 886 7874.