Is your solar system working the way it should?

Is your solar plant working as it should?
What might be the technical problem behind that energy loss?
Can you save in costly maintenance programmes and make your plant work more efficiently?

When modules or strings are not producing energy, the savings you should be getting are lost – but manual diagnostic processes take time and downtime translates directly to financial losses!

Gain full insight into the performances of each individual module and take control of your solar installation with AEG IMM (Individual Module Monitoring). IMM is a unique solar plant monitoring technology at module level for smart plant management run by artificial intelligence. Enjoy the peace of mind given by smart monitoring and relax – you are in control.

Detection : IMM’s sensors detects and locates plant issues down to module level

Analysis: IMM’s artificial intelligence analyzes the real-time data from the modules recognizing the issues

Instructions: IMM provides clear instructions on how to manage maintenance

Maintenance: Operation & Maintenance can be tailored to the real needs in a time- and cost-efficient way

AEG PV Solar Modules are sold with built-in IMM and without.


IMM can be retrofitted to existing systems:

Older power plants often experience critical performance loss due to technical issues. AEG solutions for repowering can help you locate what the issues are (IMM Upgrade) to take efficient corrective actions or support the revamping of your installation with custom products. Get more information on IMM. Send an email to [email protected].